Internship Training of Medical Laboratory Technician Students at the Faculty of Medicine

Sibel Bayıl-Oğuzkan, Mehmet Ozaslan
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The internship period of the students enrolled in the Medical Laboratory Techniques Associate Degree Program starts when they come to the second year. Students complete their internships in the 3rd and 4th semesters after completing their 1st and 2nd semester courses and succeeding their courses. Students enrolled in the "Medical Laboratory Techniques Associate Degree Program" can do their internship in the "Clinical Microbiology Laboratory", "Clinical Biochemistry Laboratory", "Pathology Laboratory" and "Hematology Laboratory" and each of them for at least 4 weeks. Training and Research Hospitals, Education and Research Hospitals affiliated with the Ministry of Health that provide Specialization Training in Medicine, and Full-Fledged State Hospitals. This study is the data obtained by observing students who do their internship in 4 different units in the research and practice hospital both in the fall and spring terms. Therefore, the establishment of the medical laboratory technician program within the Health Services Vocational School (Vocational School) in universities with research and application hospitals is extremely important in terms of the quality and functioning of the program. In this study, the educational internships of the students enrolled in this program at the medical faculty were examined.

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Bayil-Oguzkan, S. & Ozaslan, M. (2021). Internship training of medical laboratory technician students at the faculty of medicine. The Eurasia Proceedings of Health, Environment and Life Sciences (EPHELS), 1, 66-69.



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